Give your colleagues and staff the gift of useful feedback

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Many managers dread giving their team members feedback—and for good reason! It’s a sensitive topic, and one many prefer to shy away from. But what if you saw feedback as a gift? As adding to your team’s toolbox, rather than taking away from it? According to this article, giving useful feedback depends on focusing on […]

Making time for solitude – how do you manage your distractions?

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Working for a growing business has its fair share of growing pains – when you’re managing every aspect of your company and trying to provide the best service possible, life can be pretty busy. This article from the Harvard Business Review reminds us of the importance of building uninterrupted blocks of time into our day, […]

Welcome to Limelight Recruitment’s Thought Leadership Page!

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The team at Limelight is committed to personal and professional development, and with that in mind, we want to share what we’re reading with our candidates, clients, and business partners. We are dedicated to staying current with business trends and the leadership strategies of executives, influencers, and innovators. We hope you enjoy our new “thought […]